If we have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Hill giants and stone giants mostly, but some frost giants and even a fire giant one time. That got messy.

By this point it’s probably pretty obvious that Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World, as well as Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s Dungeons and Dragons are the reason we made this game. The Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set, edited by Tom Moldvay, and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons were our references of choice.

Our version of Alignment is closely related to Keys from Shadow of Yesterday by Clinton R. Nixon as seen in John Harper’s Lady Blackbird.

XP on a miss can be seen in a lot of designs—the version seen in Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel was an inspiration, but this particular take on it comes by way of John Harper and Paul Riddle’s The Regiment.

Bonds are a perversion of Hx from Apocalypse World with a little bit of the memories from Freemarket (by Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen) thrown in for spice.

Dungeon World wouldn’t exist without cross-pollination from many other projects powered by the Apocalypse. Sagas of the Icelanders by Gregor Vuga, The Regiment by Paul Riddle and John Harper, Monsterhearts by Joe Mcdaldno, and several unpublished games by Jonathan Walton all were part of our process.

The original idea to mash Apocalypse World and D&D together belongs to our good friend Tony Dowler. He was gracious enough to let us build on his concept and carry it through to the shape you see today.


Dungeon World was created in InDesign. The main fonts used are Adobe Minion Pro, Newcomen, and Archemy.

The original text was written entirely in XML to be imported into the book layout, the character sheet layout, and various other formats. Working in plaintext allowed us to map to all kinds of different layouts as well as versioning the files using Git and Github.

We developed Dungeon World a bit like you develop software, so the Github bug tracker and Dropbox were key tools in making the game a reality.

Special Thanks

Strasa Acimovic, Marshall Miller, Jason Morningstar, Simon Ward, Greg Cooksey, Hamish Cameron, Kevin Weiser & the Walking Eye, Steve Segedy, John Harper, Tony Dowler, Vincent Baker, Gary and Dave (of course).


Tresi Arvizo, Jeremy Friesen, Alessandro “Adam” Gianni, Lee Reilly, Nathan Black, Adam Blinkinsop, Matt Jett, Evan Silberman, Alexander Gude

Guild Members

Charles Boucher, PK Sullivan, Jeremy Friesen, Sara Williamson, Ara, Rob Sanderson, John Hawkins, Chris Eng, Rob Brennan, Brian Moroz, Jonathan Abbott, Tom Scutt, Franciolli Araujo, skullBoy72, Chris Sakkas, Ryan D. Kruse, Jason Wood, Dylan Boates, Aaron "Tildesee" Friesen, David M. Miles, Felan Parker, Gianmario Marrelli, Tony Dowler, Tresi Arvizo, Daniel Ornstein, Matt Silver, Jacob Sulpice, John Mehrholz, Marshall Miller, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Max Saltonstall, Adam K, John Senner, Aaron Rowell, J.B. Mannon, Sean M. Dunstan, Thomas Ulricht, Sam Carter of Mars, Hans Chung-Otterson, Sanjay Kurichh, Ryan Macklin, Kuba Koprowski, @ATerribleIdea, Jesse Burneko, Colin Jessup, Bryan Rennekamp, Tom a.k.a. Warzen, Iserith, Jason Pitre, Steven Jarvis, Jim Crocker, Hamish Cameron, Max 'Ego' Hervieux, Timothy Adamson, Christopher Grau, Josh Rensch, John Bogart, Wes Price, Sohum Banerjea, kingston Cassidy, Alec Fleschner, watergoesred, Matthew Gagan, Cameron Suey, Scott Acker, Christopher Acker, Jason D. Smith, Justin Wightbred, Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol, Alan Jackson, Joerg Bours, Joseph "UserClone" Le May, kreg mosier, Paulo_Segundo, Anthony Martins, Joe Beason, Stuart McDermid, Vernon "Crypt- Kicker" Lingley, Matthew Klein, Ben Glickler, Jani Mölsä, Doug Hare, Jeremiah Frye, Dan Maruschak, Tristan Markert, Jeffrey J. A. Fuller II, Tommy Tanaka, Phil Garrad, Philip LaRose, Kynnin Scott, Nathan 'Noofy' Roberts, Steve Segedy, Strahinja "Stras" Acimovic, Jason Grabau

Backers Bonded to the Book

These brave Kickstarter backers have a bond with Dungeon World, and Dungeon World has a bond with them:

Simon Ward has seen what no other eyes could see. Matthew Sullivan-Barrett shot the morning in the back with his Red Wings on. A recent paradox awakened my nightmares of an anomaly within Jason's soul; I must fix it for the sake of my sanity. A witch put a spell on Ingo. Aaron is the Gouger of the monstrous Filibusterer. Aaron still haunts those Crooked Hills. Abrahm wrought the runes of binding. Adam constructed the eldritch machine. Adam is the bearer of the Book of Secrets. Adam Rajski keeps the wisdom of the ages safe. Adam rode the world worm. Adam saved the holy feline. Ahmad and I studied under the same mentor. Alan is the wearer of the trenchcoat of pretension. Alcionne wears the crystal talisman. Alec comprehended the multiple meanings of the Zeugmatic Dialogues. Aleopheus will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. Aleria cannot unsee what she has seen. Alessandro gave me loaded dice!Guard—arrest him! Alexander was once a king; now, naught but an adventurer. Alitar is the embodiment of Strength. Amy incants the story of the world. Andi awoke the dormant evil. Andy always plays a bloody wizard. Andy reverse engineered the rules of the Universe. Annti stranded me in a house of brigands. Antoine mixed the spell components. Antti is the keeper of the forgotten lore. Arc keeps safe the sacred sigils. Area 42 is a safe haven for adventurers. Argent accessed the Aleph. Arvy found a mysterious tome. As wizards we are bound by birth to protect the realm against all evil. Baern holds the bridge that his friends might survive. Baf is watched by three sages. Balmung is the master of the Crimson Sword. Bard enjoys smelling ancient tomes. Basilios places the celestial crown upon his head. Basteen covered the ancient tome in fish. Bastinan braved the fires of the Hells. Ben boondoggles. Ben spoke one of the ten secret words that started the world. Ben uncorked a bottle of port. Bill kept the dragons well away from the dungeons. Blake has seen the sacred vision that reveals the impending death of your master. Bob defended the realm from the horde onslaught. Bob keeps the secret of the ancient flame wars. Bolthan is the keeper of the white flame. Brad evaded the demon by hiding in the shadows. Brandan unearthed forgotten mysteries. Brandon raised the veil of darkness. Brent harnessed the power of lightning. Brett is the keeper of Secrets. Brett Zeiler is extrenely arrogant, but is the best at what he does. Brian controls the chaos of creation. Brian founded a city out of chaos. brian has seen the fnords. Brian helped batter down the door to the armory. Brian is bonded to the bonder of bonds. Brian is searching for his father's lost sword. Brian is the inheritor of forbidden lore. Brian is too trusting. Brian slayed the sleeping sloth. Brindy embraced the night as the stars aligned. Brought knowledge to the masses. C & K are together at the End. Cabuster procured the Papers of Possibility. Cade hurled the flask. Cameron tells the old tales around the campfire. Capellan cares not for your paltry friendship. Carl is the heir of an ominous legacy. Carmin is the bearer of the cloak of shadows. Casey is a disciple of the Red Star. Casidhe hoards any knowledge she discovers. Chamelaeon has discerned the pattern of the stars. Chiang-Chen has an ancestral blade-demon in his palm. Chiv is aeon dead and wields unearthly power. Chris begat many adventuring heroes. Chris consults his library. Chris discovered the first seal. Chris Dulsky summoned an unspeakable thing. Chris is the ruler of Pillow Mountain. Chris killed the crazed cockatrice. Chris knew the lumber consortium was behind the alien landing cover-up. Chris knows secrets even the vizier is unaware of. Chris takes +1 forward in any game run by Adam Koebel. Christian is the bearer of the eternal light. Christian Lindke discovered a magical new world. Chroma owes nothing to Dark Jessop. Clark discovered the lost text (and Amanda corrected it). Clifford keeps the Arcane Knowledge. Clinton will play an important role in the events to come. Clyde is the keeper of the spoken word. Colin is powered by the apocalypse dragon. Connaught strove to preserve the ancient code. Connor is the cookie whisperer. Conrad saved my family from poverty. Corinthi brought low carb snacks. Cork is a master of elemental magic. Cravatosaur is the befouler of the sacred pool. Curt finds all the monsters that burst out of the ground. Damien's blade is not magical though his skill makes it seem that way. Dan binds the sacred tome. Dan knows the monkeys will be his undoing. Daniel discovered the freedom of simplicity. Daniel uncovered the clockwork of the Cosmos. Danohead is a puddingmancer nonpareil. Darkfeather unearths the lost treasure of. Dave has unmasked the Key Master. Dave Insel the Bringer of Ultimate Awesome. Dave on honey-dew has fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise. Dave struggled through the 7 Hells to earn this book. David has gained the affections of your betrothed They may not realize it, but you know this to be true. David is burdened by the Holy Word. David is cool with whatever we say. David knew the doppelgangers secret. David paid the price with dark magics. David revealed the truth - to everyone but himself. David stole the secret that sealed the stair. Dean vanquished the Great Evil of T'lorin. Deimen has some strange significance to my god Any miracle I beseech in his name comes out reversed. Derek emerged from the ruins carrying an ancient tome of eldritch lore. Derek released the demon within. Derek speaks the Unspeakable Words. Dithmer is the guardian of the forbidden tome. Dom has travelled under far stars of the future. Douglas Justice is King of the Dwarves. Dovre the heir the the mountainking, keeper of the ancient hall. Doyce found long-lost secrets in a forgotten library. Drake broke the first seal. Dreamstreamer camped the Final Confrontation and put an arrow in the Barbarian's knee. Drew is bound to no-one. Drew looted his War-Chest for this book. Drewid spoke the arcane spell from from the ancient tome. Drnuncheon knifed many people between the ribs. Duane has slighted me with his Terrible Idea. Due to a magical accident she is your sister-clone. Dufresne uncovered the means to open a portal to an unholy dimension. Duke Monte hung out with the Goblins. Dungeon World taught Boabdil the power of Awesomancy. Dustin found them in the darkness. Dwarven Chris kept dying over and over. Dylan knows the song to summon the spirit wolf by heart. Dylan plays with some seriously scary lizard men. Dylan summoned forth that which can not be named. Edomaur is the maker of the wood swords of the green magic. Edouard fears Thulsa's rage, it will one day turn on us. Einroy defended the wall. Elkan casts good ol' Magic Missile. Elric wove the web. Eric sacrificed an eye to peer into the future. Erik is running low on hearts. Erik reps Thri-Kreen life. Ernesto made the Barbarian happen. Experience points be damned John will not slay another farmer! Falcros wields the sphere of power. Fax shifted the walls of the dungeon. Fel stole the cursed book. Felan wields a stalagmite as an improvised weapon. Felix has sealed away the cursed axe. Fiddy is the master of many worlds. Finnian stole three pages from the book of rituals. Flavio is the bearer of the hat of grumpyness. For Gavin, the Truth is more holy than the Book. Fox kept the nexus of portal conduits concealed. Francis vainquished the darkness with but a smile. Fred has uncovered the true nature of reality. Fred was lost to reason when he donned the Evil Hat. Gabriel knows the names of all the stars in the sky. Gant and Roland have faced the trials of world, and they have touched Paradise. Garry awakened ancient magics. Gary Hoggatt may be a descendant of Erdrick. George answered the call of the Final Trump. Ghost Bear is haunted by the spirits of those he have defeated. Gilmaldor Half-Eleven is the silent assassin lurking in the shadows. Gina cast the spell of eternal marshmallows. Gip has the strength to act. Glenn explored the lost catacombs. Godfrey is a paragon of goodness and wisdom; when in doubt, I defer to their judgement. Gondry mocked my beliefs. Grandmaster Jarrod asks, “When type of monster is it?”. Greenie spoke the Unutterable Name, dooming us all. Greg discovered the mystifying elixir. Gregor Hutton had foreseen it. Grimwald is trying to unlock the secrets of the scroll of winds. Hamish is the blood-stained sword of the Black Elf nation. Hans holds the key to weaving spells of Uncertainty. Hawk has the largest pile of fail XP. Henry dreamed of places strange. Herman always gets the flaming sword. Hilary is thinking what you are thinking. I am Dan's long lost sibling. Ianovos restored the link to the ancestral eight. Ios heard the call of the Wild Hunt, and never returned. Irene will make the last stand. Irina was taught to make secret potions by the old woman. Isabelle and Emma have shown me the way, now I hope to return the favour. Isen is the defender of the Silverhand. J escaped the hook that hungers. Jack inexplicably can understand the language of Dragons. Jack squandered his only Wish on a good deed. Jake has a jinx on him. James explored all of the wizardly tangents. James held no love but for money, and trusted no-one but his blade. James is the tester of many tablets. Jamie waits in the shadows. Jarod founded the Musty Dragon Inn franchise. Jason drank from the well of common sense. Jason looted the temple of the Ancient Ones. Jason rides the Glyphon. Jay is the wielder of the magical boot of horse theft. JB was buried with the Opal of Xul-Gar. Jeff turned down his right to the crown of the goblin kingdom. Jeffrey struggled not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in outer realms. Jeffy poked a toothpick through the membrane. Jeremiah was taken by horrors of the deep Never to be seen again. Jeremy is always one book away from a complete set. Jeremy slew a red dragon, costing him a limb. Jeremy's mind spent lifetimes wandering the spirit realms, in a deep lotus-trance. Jerome stitched the bindings of the ancient tome. Jess opened a Doorway not fit for mortal souls. Jim climbed the Infinite Tower. Jingo uses the stone, one last time. Joe the mythical waffle taunter. Joe's campaign fronts read like the script from a telenovela. Joel shattered the Ancients' ignorance. Joerg is the guardian and wielder of the first sword. Johann warder of the wyrd. John cares deeply for someone, but they are kept apart. John is the keeper of the sacred kennel. John must cleanse his gear daily of evil spirits. John once forged a celestial breastplate. John sundered the Faithless Gate. Johnstone doesn't like anything. Jon doesn't see the point. Jon McCarty and I had a violent falling out. Jonathan brandishes the vorpal great axe. Joseph “UserClone” Le May NEEDS FOOD BADLY! Joseph has awakened what lurks in the deep. Josh Flint stole pages from the leaves of the world tree. Josh is bearer of troubling truth. Josh spoke the unspeakable tale. Josh was there in the Dawn Times. Joshua enscribed the mark of the ereboi huntsman. Joshua is the ally of the animals of the forest. Joshuha forged the perfect weapon. João is the master of the large sack. JP Sauers traversed the outer planes. Julien Pirou is in the secret world behind the GM's screen. Justin hid something beautiful in a terrible, deep dungeon. Justin Wightbred lead the charge against unnecessary escalation. Jürgen Mayer is the shadow that kills you in the night. Kairam is the immortal sage of the swamps. Karuk broke the glittering crown. Kate sees barmaids. Keith drew on the forbidden power that dwells below. Keith is the undiscovered scion of the hidden realm. Keith the Keeper of Arcane Lore. Keith will explore Dungeon World with any who are willing to Adventure! Kem teaches that the only true weapon is the mind. Ken is the servant of the Secret Spring. Kenny unlock the ancient gate. Kestral still walks Insanity's Edge. Kevin is a disciple of His Weirdness: Al Yankovic. Kevin is entrusted with secret, ancient knowledge. Kevin is the arcane master of the ambulatory eye. Kingston leads old friends into battle with Teuthus, the God who crawls beneath the waves. Kirby drank from the Ewer of Memories. Kreg carried the Swagger Stick everywhere he went. Kristopher despises most people, but keeps it to himself if he thinks you might by useful Savage invective befalls those that have no use. Kurt tumbled through the demon door. Kyle owes fealty to the Queen of Winter. Kyree rules the ruins with fortune and fate. Larry the unprintable. Laura has special luck. Lazaar is the master of whispers. Leo Lalande opened the astral rift between worlds. Leslie grinds on towards the coming dawn. Lidrick Barrisbren strung his Lute of Lightning. Liri rejected the fulfilling of her deepest wish by the goddess. Logan lost the phylactery. Lucias got tangeled in wizard sleeves. Lucien is the light that binds and demands. Luis crossed oceans of time. Lukas fought at the Gates of Oblivion. Luke cannot use the force. Luke has quenched the fire of creation. LXD lives on! Lythias sought the secrets of the Serpents' Labyrinth. Mabon breathes in the wonder of the night sky. Magic brought down the gate. Makr stole a tear from the Eye of the World. Malabreiga's sinuous body lies wreathed in purple flame. Malo delved down and down again, deep into the world. Manilla has given me enlightenment that I can never repay. Marc has kept the Old Ways secret all his years. Marco is the Keeper of Truth. Margaret delves tomes for knowledge. Marielle never learned how to read and has been faking it this whole time. Mark awoke the gods. Mark bears the brands of the seven holy silences. Mark cooked breakfast at the gates of darkness. Mark has sung the halfling song. Mark immanentized the eschaton. Markku knows where the Arkenstone is located. Markus has seduced the incubus of the seven cauldrons. Marshall married my sister when no one else would. Martin unearthed the antediluvian arcana. Mary knows what we say to Death. Matt delivered the chalice to the village elders. Matt discovered a wonderful forest for His family. Matt followed the echoes of eternity. Matt was bemused by Gnomish poetry. Matthew 'Jarikith' Monagon rolled the Polyhedrons of Chaos. Matthew is the chosen vessel of the Spirit of Wisdom. Matthew shot morning in the back with his Red Wings on. Matthias took up the nearest tome and thumbed it through. Mattie promised to teach me the weaknesses of the human mind. Meg is the keeper of all my stories. Melody keeps the forbidden secrets. Mendez stole the Wudang Manual Again. Micah is the bane of the demon lord, slayer of the spider priest, spiller of the silver blood. Michael dreams of worlds inside everyday objects. Michael knows the ancient rhyme. Michael read the starry wisdom between the words. Michael will sacrifice everything and everyone to achieve his goal. Mike faced the dragon- bears. Milo thinks the section you need to read is around page 56. Mitchifer is the chosen of the God of Death. Mo is the holder of the flame. Murgh Bpurn does it virtually all the time. Nathan is the inheritor of a great and mysterious power. Neal found the darkness within. Nemo detected slanting passages. Nex hides in the shadows. Nicholas consumed the mythical biter brewery's blinding beer. Nicholas' ‚Äúplan B‚Äù is kill it with fire, acceptible at any time. Nick is heir to both warring kingdoms. Nick is the guardian of the forbidden knowledge. Nick is the keeper of the ancient tome. Nikolai is the keeper of the Talisman of the Ranging Pack. NinjaDebugger liberated this book from the Library of the Ages. Noam is still residing at the bottom of that pit trap. Noofy has adventured all over the world to be re- united with his True Love. Nora feeds the trolls. Okerstroker broods in the corner with a watchful eye. Oliver is the master of a thousand spells. Oliver turned out to be good-natured, generous and likeable; in three days no one could stand him. Oliver was menaced by a giant owl. Oscar is the Secret Fire. Oscart knows, To Keep The Peace, Prepare For War. Owen attacked the darkness. Owen is the ringmaster of the workers of dark creation. Pat presided over the sacred smoke ceremony celebrating peace between the tribes-men of plains . Paul and I have shared dreams sent to us from subaquatic temples of cyclopean stone. Pego was there when ‚ÄúPosta!Pizza!Pacco!Äù was uttered. Percy unveiled the secret of the Hoss. Peter knows that The Path to Wisdom lies down the Eternal Road. Petrus is nearly proficient with the double-club. Phil is the speaker of dreamtruth. Philip opened the archives and discovered a World of Dungeons. Philippe Debar was blessed once and then thrice. Quinn unlocked the ancient armory. Raf is the source of cosmic grumpiness. Ragnar taught me how to cook on the road. Rainswept's sorrow is here with him. Rausdour hates bats. Ray is master of the dungeon and slave to the dice. Redhan banished an ancient evil. Ren√© deciphered the riddle of the thousand deaths. Rhovanor has a shard of the cup of Eternal Life implanted in his chest. Richard found inner harmony. Richard writes with the sacred ink of the ancients. Richard, Speaker to the Modrons. Rick bears an ominous mark in the superstitions of my people. Rick forgot the most important lesson. Rishi “mistakenly” ate an owlbear pellet. Rob holds the keys to the locks. Rob is lost in a forbidden tome of arcane knowledge. Rob is the chosen protector of the sacred ale. Rob Justice sleeps in the pines. Rob kicked down the door in the name of the King. Rob shot the food. Rob united the Bee Kingdoms. Rob wields the hand, as he journey's forth with the SOG & SAUF. Robert Bruce told you exactly what you wanted to hear. Robert helped me in a time of need. Rocha published Dungeon World in Brazil! Rodrigo is the teller of tales. Roman is the Keeper of the Temple Ruins. Ross was trusted with keeping the ancient tome. Rune is the wielder of the warhammer of grim irritation. Russell is the bearer of the sacred twenty sider. Rusty looked into the Mind of Darkness. Ryan is He Who Stalks Beyond the Walls. Ryan is the Master of the Dungeon. Ryan spoke the word. Ryan Webster is the prince who married his princess. Sage opened his brain to the Worm God first, mmm, dirt. Sally is a friend of the white cat. Sam is the Seeker of Knowledge. Sam wielded the Flame of Creation. Samuel stood with them at the end. Savannah possesses a true strength that cannot be overcome. Sayler is a hoopy frood He deserves a new character class: Spelljammer Buccaneer! Scathaigh is the eternal Herald of the Starshadow. Scott Belchak bears the thanks of the creators. Scott delved deep into the Book and came out changed. Scott was taken unawares. Sean Dunstan spread word of the wonders of the dungeon to the darkest corners of the world. Sean is heart-bound to Shawna Lee through the Rite of Stone Wood. Sean punched a dungeon right in the face. Sean secretly transcribes the hieroglyphs of the RJS Empire. Sean unrolled the freshly minted scroll. Sean was here! Shane Knysh is the last royal cartographer of the united southern realms. Shane seeks what the ancients knew, but chose to hide. Shannon opened the book of the forbidden. Shawn was jailed for a crime that I committed. Silj is completely insane! Simba left his mark on the town, leaving it under his protection. Simon carried the torch for no man. Skender dicovered the tarnished Glinn circlet. Slay-Tor used the Hardcover to shatter the spines of lesser books. Someone will choose poorly and be killed, unless I intervene. Sophie uses this tome to bend realities. Sovern trusts in the creators. Stacey raised the standard of Friendship high upon the battlefield. StacyRex possesses the Eternal Bag of Happiness. Stefan is the keeper of knowledge. Stella Christina Hall woke up in the middle of each night to learn more from this book. Stephen is the keeper of the book of secrets! Steve has emerged victorious! Steve is sworn in life and death to his son Connor. Steve sang throughout the night. Steve wants to know who you truly love. Steven has opened the secret eye of Angra Mainyu. Stew lead the charge against the horned dragon. Stewart saw into the spaces between the spaces. Stras is the one that keeps carving faces on all the trees in the Godswood. Tara fought the gazebo. Tewhill broke the bugbear's will. The bigger they are, the harder Michele hits. The Book has filled my mind with erudition. The Crimson Dragon falls to my demon blade. The Demonlords await the Convergence. The host speaks for the gophers. The Legions of Gremlins unearthed the deathly tomb. The Lord's Secret mistress is Adrian. The only boundaries that exist are those of the mind. The pale cur sleeps on the book, either growling or snoring. The party shivered at the sinister sound. The prophetess Seldanha remains ever watchful of the vizier's machinations. The Rogue learned his trade from the ancient Assassin's Guild. Thom braved the sideways tower. Thomas decieved the others. Thoradin saved the vale from the mighty orc king. Thorgrim bears the Book of Grudges. Thunder is Newt's brother, he rides the winds of destiny! Tim found his courage in the length of long halls and the depth of blue eyes. Tim unearthed the true history. Tleroth stood and held the breach. Together, Cazantyl and I escaped from a cult. Tom upheld our ancient honors. Tomar can see to the heart of anything. Tony survived the demi-lich. toridas unleashes the power within. Tran knows where the shoggoth lies dormant. Travis really should have known better Really. Tresi completed a perilous journey to the smoldering mountains. Tristan invoked the forbidden voice. Tucker is the most worthy of all of Carles' disciples. Tulip knows where the Bees are. Typhur stood fast, despite the cost. Tyson reps Thri-Kreen life. Ulai stands vigilant at the gate. Ungerford's brain aches with the want of knowing. Valtiel is in league with the Fair Folk. Veng has gained mastery of the ancient secrets. Vicki is a wannabe (though hopefully not forever) Renaissance woman 😃. Vidal is the Paladin of the Great North. Vincent walks under the scrying sun. Vivian stole the Knight's heart. Voodoo marveled at the discovery of the World. Warren wondered what bond words to write. Warzen has a new cat familiar. Wesley expressed disinterest in writing this. Wesley was the guardian of the blind. Whitney awakened the forgotten gods. Will knows the Spectre's secret name. Will was initiated into the conspiracy of the Duke's court. William knows the secret that will undo everything. Willow is the conqueror of fallen gods. With words a piece of Brian's spirit will live on in this tome. WolfSamurai forever sealed away ancient evils from the world. Wordman wears the silver mask. Xthulu rose from a watery grave. Yet again following Wightbred into strange dungeons. Yrkoon wields the soul-drinking sword. Zachary learned an ancient song, but fears the day when he will be called upon to sing it. Zed journeyed to the frigid north to meet Jex. Zed of Sosaria stepped through the gate eager to explore. Zhang Fei has a history of causing strife among his subordinates I would do best to keep my distance from him. Zirk came to chew bubblegum and play games, and he's all out of bubblegum.

Kickstarter Backers

“Blue Hair Bob” Puckett, “Evil” Avi Zacherman, >B, a-bomb & g-girl, A. Herbert, A. Nonny Moss, A.J. LoPresti, Aaro Viertiö, Aaron “tildesee” Friesen, Aaron Greenspan, Aaron Hamric, Aaron Malone, Aaron Olson, Aaron Potts, Aaron Rowell, Aaron Tudyk, Accidental Fraser, Ackinty Strappa, Adam “Woulf” Fink, Adam Canning, Adam Chute, Adam Coleman, Adam Dray, Adam Flynn, Adam Fox, Adam Hegemier, Adam J. Piskel, Adam Juden, Adam K, Adam Minnie, Adam Robichuad, Adam Waggenspack, Adam Waite, Adam Wheelock Boisvert, Adam-Ross, AdamD VA, Addy, Adreanna, Adrian Brooks, Adrian Burton, Adrian J George III, Adrian Magaña, Adrian Price, Adrian Sotomayor, Adrienne Mueller, Al Billings, Alan Barclay, Alan Clark, Alan De Smet, Alan Millard, Alan-Michael Havens, Alastair Bishop, Albert Andersen, Alden and Katherine Strock, Alejandro Fernández Ortega, Alex, Alex “Ansob” Norris, Alex Baldwin, Alex Bergquist, Alex C. Trépanier, Alex Davies, Alex Dingle, Alex Fradera, Alex Gwilt-cox, Alex Hakobian, Alex Higdon, Alex Hunter, Alex Mosher, Alex Nuzzi, Alex Watters, Alexander “Elric” Zorin, Alexander Alabaster Hernandez, Alexander Cumming, Alexander Kell, Alexander Keurvorst, Alexander Lucard, Alexander Siegelin, Alexander Wasberg, Alexandra Hebda, Alexandre Denault, Alfred Rudzki, Alison J. Dodd, Alistair Lamb, Alphonso Butt, Alva Hopkins, Amado Glick, amel, Amy Minucie, Anders Bohlin, Anders Edqvist, Anders Scholl, Andre Kajita, Andrea Ungaro (Ander), Andrei Mouravski, AndrethSaelind, Andrew, Andrew and Heleen Durston, Andrew Asplund, Andrew B. Chason, Andrew Blake, Andrew Byers, Andrew Carbonetto, Andrew Collins, Andrew Croftcheck, Andrew Ducker, Andrew Gatlin, Andrew Gill, Andrew Kenrick, Andrew Knippling, Andrew Linstrom, Andrew Maizels, Andrew Medeiros, Andrew Menear, Andrew Morton, Andrew Muttersbach, Andrew Saunders, Andrew Schubert, Andrew Watson, Andrew Wooldridge, André Bogaz e Souza, Andrés Acevedo, Andy 'awmyhr' MyHR, Andy Bates, Andy Blanchard, Andy Deckowitz, Andy Goldman, Andy Hsu, Andy Kitzke, Andy Prime, Andy Smith, Anna Kruse, Anonymouse, Anthony Bucchioni, Anthony Hersey, Anthony Martins, Anthony Popowski, Anthony Spulnik, Anton Olsen, Antonio Merùmeni, Antonio Messaggiero, Aníbal J. Delgado, Ara, Aria H.Y. Cheng, Ariele Agostini, Arno Ludo, Arog, Aronhiawakhon, Asher Dale, Ashley Clifton, Ashley Raines, Atlatl Jones, Atomixwah, Aurelia Wyler, Austin Conley, Austin Stanley, Azato, Azhrei Vep, badsmoothie, Balazs Oroszlany, Balthus Borazar, Barac Wiley, Barry Baker, Barry C. Cook, Basil Lisk, Batman, Bay Chang, Bay Grabowski, Beau McCarrell, Bechamolle, Ben Archer, Ben Erdin, Ben Hale, Ben Hartzell, Ben Johnson, Ben Leftwich, Ben Mabbott, Ben Mandall, Ben Murphy, Ben Neilsen, Ben P. 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