Armor is heavy, difficult to wear and is damned uncomfortable. Some classes are better trained to ignore these drawbacks, but anyone can strap on a suit of armor and enjoy the benefits it grants.

Armor Tags

Armor, like weapons, has tags. Some are purely descriptive but the ones below have some mechanical effect on the player wearing them

  • n Armor: It protects you from harm and absorbs damage. When you take damage, subtract your armor from the total. If you have more than one item with n Armor, only the highest value counts.
  • +n Armor: It protects you and stacks with other armor. Add its value to your total armor.
  • Clumsy: It’s tough to move around with. -1 ongoing while using it. This penalty is cumulative.

Armor List

  • Leather, Chainmail 1 armor, worn, 10 coins, 1 weight
  • Scale Mail 2 armor, worn, clumsy, 50 coins, 3 weight
  • Plate 3 armor, worn, clumsy, 350 coins, 4 weight
  • Shield +1 armor, 15 coins, 2 weight
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